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The Music Nations Network is a Partnership and Network Platform on YouTube. Our aim is to provide channels with a YouTube Partnership to all genres. Our Networks are mainly there to provide good contract terms, support channels, cross promotion and partner channels into their niche. By being a Network with Music Nations you are able to partner channels into your very own network under the Music Nations Network umbrella, for this reason we will be strict on who we accept.
Our Networks will be able to offer their partners all the exclusive benefits we offer our Partners, they will also be able to offer any features the Network provides itself.
In return for partnering channels for us, your Network will receive a percentage of the partners’ revenues.
As a Network you will have duties which include, having a website, uploading to hub channels, providing at least one unique feature for their partners and more. A Network is a role that carries an enormous amount of responsibility; specifically in supporting your network.
If you are interested and feel you have what it takes to become a Network apply below!

1. Enthusiastic and confident in persuading channels to join your Network
2. You must know the basics of copyright
3. Have Network goals

Your partners will get access to all of our Networks benefits
You can bring as many channels as you want on board
Earn revenue from your partners whilst doing something you enjoy and love
Music Nations is here to help you bring the best out of your Network and drive it to success
We give you the advanced tools and equipment you need to become a successful network
Your partners can be linked within 24 hours after applying
All payments are automated you don’t have to worry about sending out payments on time to your partners

Please apply below we look forward to hearing from you and possibly starting your very own network under us

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